Temple Museum at Ban Nong Chang Noi, Ubon Ratchathani Province

Temple Museums seem to be the latest thing, if a small corner of Ubon Ratchathani Province is anything to go by. There are two within about 50 km of each other.

You will find this one in a small village off the road from Amphur Muang Samsip to Amphur Phana. Muang Samip itself is on the main road from Ubon to Amnat Charoen, Highway 212. Phana is signposted 26 km off  to the right, along Route 2049, and Ban Nong Chang Noi is about 14 km from this turning. The village is on the left and you should see this sign:

This is the museum building which you will find within the grounds of the monastery:

These are some of the exhibits you will find in this museum. They are rather crowded and at the moment without explanatory labels but nevertheless they record a way of life that has almost completely vanished, even though many of the artefacts were still in use within living memory. If you are in the Ubon area, this is a visit that would be well worth making. There will be someone to open the building for you and there is no charge for a visit, although a donation would be most welcome.

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4 responses to “Temple Museum at Ban Nong Chang Noi, Ubon Ratchathani Province

  1. Very interesting.

    All the best, Boonie

  2. Lawrence there’s a lot of artefacts in the museum which are begging for more space. The shelves of pots remind me of similar ones I saw at Ban Chiang.

    The museum is crying out for an extension lets hope it gets it via some kind and generous sponsor.

    • Martyn, yes this is still a collection rather than a coherent exhibition. Ban Chiang was much better because it wasn’t cluttered and you could see what was what (even if it wasn’t!). I guess there is a problem of avoiding offence to people who have donated items. More than an extension, I think they need s store-room to keep most of the duplicated items.

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