Ubon Ratchathani Railway Station, a pleasant place to arrive

Ubon Ratchanthani Railway Station is a little unusual in that it is not located in the Provincial City. Instead it is found south of the River Mun in Warin Chamrap,  a District Town (amphur/อำเภอ) in Ubon Ratchathani Province. White bus (songthaew) #2 serves the Ubon railway station , running along Chayangkul Road and Upparat Road and then crossing the Ratanakosin Bridge over the River Mun , so it is convenient for all the hotels except perhaps the Laitong and the Tohsang, which are further off the main streets. It is a pleasant place to arrive or to depart from if you have to head towards Bangkok.

British-built steam engine formerly used on the Bangkok - Ubon line

Ubon Ratchathani Railway Station

Ticket counter Ubon Railway Station

The railway station itself has a range of useful facilities and there are plenty of helpful signboards in English. On the platform there is a range of refreshment available, mostly noodles but also grilled chicken on sticks and sticky rice as well as small bags of sharp, sweet, sticky tamarind, fruit, ice creams, bottled water, soft drinks, beer and Thai whisky. There are more food stalls outside, across the road and to the right as you leave.

Waiting in the shade at Ubon Railway Station

Also on the platform is a magazine stall which usually has copies of the Bangkok Post plus cigarettes and toiletries. In the main entrance lobby there is an ATM.

Leave the main building and turn right and you will find the toilet block which is fairly basic but kept clean by the attendant who collects 3 Baht for use of a toilet and 10 Baht for a shower. She also sells toilet paper at 10 Baht a roll, and toiletries. Close to the toilet block is a room with the sign ‘Leave Baggage’ which is open from 06.00 to 19.00 daily, charging 10 Baht for each piece of baggage left there. There are coin-operated telephone call boxes close by and another line of them on the other side of the main entrance, but none of them seem to be set up for international calls.

As well as the songtaew, there are tuk-tuks waiting at the station and unmarked taxis. Usually the men offering you ‘taxi’ will in fact mean a tuk-tuk.

Iconic imge of Ubon outside the railway station


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